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Ever since the search engines were designed, their optimization process started developing in leaps and bounds. SEO Gurus such as Matt Waterman and others like him pioneered in their attempts at establishing new and varied methods of searching and finding unique keywords till Google came into the picture in 1995. However, with google seo, you need to follow google seo tips that are invaluable and hundred percent foolproof. Nevertheless, if you are serious about google seo, you may have to think the way Google thinks. In any case, you may follow some of the google seo tips that are displayed below for your convenience. But remember, with Google, you will have to keep up-to-date on all aspects of their optimization process because these undergo sea changes pretty often.

Useful google seo tips for you

1. Always add a text link to access your site when using Flash on your welcome screen.
2. Check your website for broken links as often as possible.
3. Try to incorporate keywords in the title of your webpage.
4. Refrain from keyword stuffing; nevertheless use meta tags for ‘keywords’.
5. Don’t sit smug with your content; edit, renovate and refurbish it as often as possible.
6. Avoid repeating keywords unnecessarily – the text is meant for the readers, not solely for the search engines.
7. Sign up for Alexa and ask for website review.
8. Try to use hyphen instead of underscore for your URL.
9. Remember, your landing pages need optimization more.
10. Give preference to static pages as against dynamic pages that use scripting language such as PHP or ASP.
11. Calculate your website loading speed and try to enhance it if possible.
12. Introduce user comments and reviews with outbound links and above all.

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