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Google is one of the most preferred search engines by people from all over the world. They use to find their needs just by searching the related keywords. Therefore, if you run a business with online website, then it is essential to follow google search engine optimization tips given by the people who spends their entire hours in finding out what does Google do. However, one of the most concerning aspects in finding the proper SEO is that you have to be updated about the latest google search engine optimization tips available. In this article, let us discuss about some of the google search engine optimization tips that work with Google.

• Broken links are frustrating for visitors when they visit your website. If they cannot find their required information in your website, then the chance of getting back to your website is less. Therefore, periodic check of broken links is one of the important steps in google search engine optimization.
• Keywords are very essential in SEO. But they should be placed in appropriate places; especially keyword linked with your business should be placed in the title of your website.
• You can also use the keywords in ALT tags.
• Static pages in your website are better than the dynamic pages.
• The more pages on your website, the more Google considers. Therefore, you can add more pages in your website. Also the content of your website should be new, fresh. The content must be updated regularly.
• You can use a hyphen in the website URL instead of an underscore.
• Keywords are important but excessive keywords are not acceptable; especially in title and home page of the website.
• You should be up to date about all the google search engine optimization tips available in the internet.
• Loading page time should be minimized.
These are some of the google search engine optimization tips that work with google.

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