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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a way of recuperating the visibility of a web site in search results. SEO is an easy way of improving the ranking of a web site over the internet. It is the best way of getting traffic through search engines. SEO provide the most relevant content upon searching to the users and visitors.

With the passage of time, demand for web site is increasing day by day and on the other hand competition among them is also increasing. SEO system is managing the searching and search results over the internet from thousands of web sites. Advancements in SEO are also brought up but one thing is to remember that old is gold. There is a difference in certain aspects of SEO 2011 from SEO 2012 but old rules and regulations and way of operation will mostly be the same. As with the passage of time and advancement in web sites, there is also a need of advancement in SEO system. One should be updated in SEO industry in order to get the best results.

There are certain points that will remain with SEO system time to time; Back links, page rank gravity, nested links, on-page SEO, design and speed etc. In the development of a web site, design matters a lot because study reveals that users only read and quit. So, the design, navigation and loading speed of a web site and its pages should be normal enough, that a user could easily understand the provided contents and could leave a positive feedback. Web site design should be design enough that a user just remember the look of web site and that look enable the user to come back again.

Nested links in SEO has a very great important because they not just improve the ranking of just one web site but of those through which user moves to the desired web site. In the top tips for SEO 2011, one is not to sell out the links. Selling the links to other web site for advertising purposes then it could be tagged as illegal and the web site could be penalized. Backlinks for the web site could be the best way of getting good traffic. Back links are those links which could be generated through another web site.

A web site which has a great popularity in SEO industry could be used for back links. When visitors will read out the web site then the link for the web site could be accessed by any of the visitor but it is important that the web site banner link should be attractive. When back link banner will be attractive then definitely visitor will move to further web site but on the other hand if back link banners and widget is not much attractive then there is no purpose of posting such back link posters, banners and widget over other web sites. Back links are the best and easy way of getting rankings from a well known web site.

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  1. Angelica Brown

    Yes i do agree with your article, nowadays you need to go social if you want to beat the google panda and gain trust from the search engines. I would also suggest that google +1 and facebook likes is a great way also to improve rankings in google.

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